603238_536873382997993_873464596_nThe Mission of College First Church of God is to love people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus, equip them with a faith in God that works in real life, and send them out to impact the world.

There are many opportunities to be a active participant.

Here are descriptions of the missions and outside ministries that we are supporting in 2013.



Besor Ravine Ministries, Inc. ($500)

Besor Ravine is a local organization led by Jim Ridge which provides transition support for ex-offenders. The ministry includes the operation of a half-way house.


Bill Glass Champions for Life ($500 )

CFL is a national organization that assists the local church by equipping and igniting Christians to share their faith in Jesus Christ with the “least of these,” primarily through prison and youth ministries. College First (CF) support is designated for local ministry. A number of CF attendees participate in CFL prison ministry.



CGGC/GLC ($86,400)

CF contributes funds to support Churches of God General Conference (CGGC) and Great Lakes Conference (GLC) ministries. These include various missions activities in our region and around the world.



CGGC Missionary Support ($2,000)

The CGGC has a number of missionaries serving around the world. CF supports select missionaries that have some connection to the church. This year, the church is providing support to the Aveys (Brazil). Many CF attendees also provide support on an individual basis.



Camp Otyokwah ($2,000)

CF provides financial support to Camp Otyokwah. In 2012, the church also paid for a number of children from the community to attend camp that would not have otherwise been able to do so.


Children of Promise in Bangladesh ($240)

CF supports one child in the CGGC Children of Promise program. The support allows a specific child from a CGGC church in Bangladesh to attend the Khanjanpur Boarding School who would not otherwise be able to attend. The support pays for the child’s meals, lodging, medical care, and education. Other CF attendees and groups also support a child.



Chopin Hall ($1,200 + $3,000 MFP)

Chopin Hall is a county-wide church organization that provides free assistance to needy citizens in basic areas such as food, clothing, domestic and personal items. CH

administers the local Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) program. CF hosts, staffs, and pays for two Mobile Food Pantry events each year. Food from a local food bank, as well as fresh produce, is distributed at these events. In 2012, CF attendees also donated toothpaste and bar soap for distribution.



City Mission of Findlay ($4,000)

CM is a local organization that ministers to the needy and homeless in the Findlay area. CM provides for the physical and spiritual needs of persons and families. CF member John Seng currently serves on the Board of Trustees.



Clothe-a-Child of Ohio, Inc. ($500)

Clothe-a-Child is a local organization that provides clothing for underprivileged children in Hancock and the surrounding counties. CF members Larry & Kathy Summers serve on the Board of Directors of Clothe-a-Child.



Community Outreach ($500)

CF is involved in a number of outreach ministries in the Findlay community, including the “Backyard Mission Trip 2013” to be held April 27.
This year the Findlay Ministerial Association focuses on the community on April 27th, in order to meet the needs of our community. This years outreach will involve more volunteers and reach more needs.


Cross-Cultural Ministries ($500)

The CGGC and the GLC organize many cross- cultural ministry activities. CF often supports the GLC annual missions project. In the past, the church has also supported the CGGC micro loan ministry in Kenya.


Habitat for Humanity – Findlay/Hancock County ($1,000)

H4H is a Christian housing ministry that seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness, and make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. College First (CF) often organizes volunteers to provide labor and food during building events.



Hancock Christian Clearing House ($4,000)

HCCH is a county-wide church organization that helps individuals and families overcome and avoid financial crisis. CF is a member. Church member Jerry Sprouse serves on the Board of Trustees for HCCH. CF attendees also support HCCH through its annual fund-raising events, including a garage sale, a spaghetti dinner, and a golf outing.



Haiti Sister Church

CF is partnering in a relationship with a church in Haiti to provide financial, prayer, and mission team support. Charette.


Jacobs Primary School ($3,000)

CF provides funding for a number of activities at Jacobs school, including school supplies, the Project MORE reading program, teacher appreciation, the spring picnic, and facility improvements. Many CF attendees provide volunteer support for Project MORE and special events.


Mission Trips ($2,500)

CF provides financial support for attendees to participate in mission trips.


Women’s Resource Center of Hancock County ($500)

WRC is a faith-based, life-affirming organization that educates, equips and empowers individuals to make healthy choices related to sexuality and pregnancy. WRC offers pregnancy tests, counseling, and supplies. CF attendees also support WRC through the annual Baby-Bottle Fund Raiser and volunteer hours.



University of Findlay Christian Ministries ($3,000)

Pastors Will and Matt are part-time missionaries to the UF campus. As with most missionaries, they are required to raise part of their own financial support. CF contributes toward this ministry. Many CF attendees also contribute on an individual basis.


University of Findlay & Winebrenner Theological Seminary ($6,750)

CF provides support to both UF and WTS. Scholarships are also provided to students.


Youth for Christ ($2,400)

YFC is a worldwide organization that works to reach young people and raise up lifelong, devoted followers of Jesus. CF support is designated for local ministry.



The CF Commission on Missions and Lay Ministries is comprised of Roxanne Runion, Margie Shoop, Kim Stumpp, Larry Summers, Susan Williams, Tom Wood, Pastor Bill, & Bev Rarey Norden (Jacobs School Coordinator).


College First Church of God exists to love people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus, equip them with a faith in God that works in real life, and send them out to impact the world.