I'm New

What to Expect at
9AM & 11AM Worship

Visiting worship at a church for the first time can be daunting. We've put together this space to answer all of your questions and provide you with the best experience possible.

Before You Come


We aim to start worship right at 9AM & 11 AM. If you happen to be running late, no worries, it happens to all of us - don't let it stop you from coming!  Most people start arriving about 15 minutes before worship to check-in kids at 9AM, grab some coffee, visit with one another, and make their way into the Sanctuary.

What to Wear

You'll find a mix of attire at 9AM & 11 AM Worship. Some wear suits, some polos, and others button downs. There are people who wear jeans and people who wear slacks. Regardless, wear whatever's comfortable for you.


If you have any questions about 9AM or 11AM worship as you read through, just let us know. We'll be happy to answer them.

Directions and Parking


9AM Worship takes place in the Sanctuary, located at 1100 North Main Street, which is College First's building. The building is located on Main Street in Findlay, so its very visible from the road. 

From the South

Head north on Main Street, passing Domino's Pizza, then East of Chicago Pizza (hey! We like pizza!), and the Arch of the University of Findlay, the College First building will be on your left. You can enter the parking lot from two lanes off of Main Street, between College Street and Swing Avenue.

From the North

Head south on Main Street, passing the University of Findlay's Koehler Complex and you'll see our long parking lot and the College First building to your right.


Ample parking is available in our parking lot on the north end of our building. Several handicapped spaces are available close to the building and there is a drive-up lane if letting someone out of your vehicle.

If needed, our elevator is located to the left of our Main Entrance with a sign marking its location. The Main Entrance is very visible with its triple doors.

Building Map

Need to find your way around the building? Each entrance will point you to go to the Upper Level or to the Lower Level

Main Entrance

Our Main Entrance is the best entrance to utilize from the parking lot and for navigating the building. You'll recognize the Main Entrance by the three doors you can use to enter. Just to the left of the Main Entrance is our Elevator Entrance, which can be utilized for those who find stairs challenging.

Just inside the Main Entrance is our Welcome Desk. If you have any questions regarding being at College First for the first time, you'll find your answer there. You'll also find our Kids' Ministry Check-In just inside the doors on Sunday Mornings.

Upper Level

You'll find on the Upper Level of the building our Office, which is staffed by Chris Butterworth, our secretary, 9am-5pm Monday through Friday, and the Sanctuary where we worship together.

You'll also find meeting spaces like our Rooms 200-204 and 217, Community Corner, the Parlor, the Chapel. There's also our church Library and a Kitchenette.

Pastor Brandon, Pastor Kimberly, Pastor Will, and Greg Harris, our treasurer, have their offices on the Upper Level.

Lower Level

You'll find on the Lower Level of the building our Fellowship Hall, which is utilized for larger events and meals, and our Kitchen, which includes commercial equipment.

Other meeting spaces include Rooms 100-111, found in our Kid's Ministry area, Room 112. Special meeting spaces include The Hangout, which is geared towards Student Ministry, the Choir Room, which is used for music ministry purposes, and the Church Archives, which holds items from the history of College First.

Pastor David and our Kids' Ministry Staff, Michaela Mellinger and Faith Gingerich, are located on the Lower Level.

I Have Kids!

Your kids are important to you and they are important to us. We hope this information will clearly explain what Sunday Mornings look like with kids.

Infants through 5th Grade

**Kids' Ministry, Infant through 5th Grade, is available at 9AM Worship**

All kids Infant through 5th Grade will need to start by checking-in. The Kids' Check-In is located right inside the Main Entrance. If you've been at College First before, simply look up your name and print your tags. One copy stays with the guardian and the other gets placed on the kid. If it's your first time at College First, someone will be present to help you enter your information for the first time.

Infants through Age 2
Our youngest kids can head straight to our Nursery located in Room 100 on the Lower Level. Take the stairs right behind check-in down to the Lower Level, or use the Elevator, and walk straight forward to the Kids' Ministry Hallway. The Nursery is located at the end of the hall.

Age 3 through 5th Grade
Preschoolers through 5th Grade will start the morning in worship with their guardian. They join in the singing of the morning and then will be dismissed to their own learning time before the sermon. Our Kids Ministry leaders will be present to walk your kids from the Sanctuary to their classrooms in the Kids' Ministry Hallway.

After worship, guardians should head to the Lower Level, most easily by heading back to Kids Check-In and down the stairs right behind, then head straight forward to the Kids' Ministry Hallway to pick up their children.

Kids' Ministry Pick Up:
  • Nursery (Infant through Age 2) - Room 100
  • Preschool (Age 3 until Kindergarten) - Room 102
  • Kindergarten through Grade 2 - Room 103
  • Grade 3 through Grade 5 - Room 105

Your Comfort is Our Priority!
If you would like your children to stay with you throughout worship, please feel free to do so. If you would like to observe them in their classroom as you become familiar with our Kids' Ministry, please let us know.

Junior High and High School Students

Junior High and High School Students are invited to attend the full worship service with their family at 9AM.

A Sunday School Class is available for Students at 9AM in Room 104, located on the Lower Level, in the Kids' Ministry Hallway.


Here's what worship normally looks like at 9AM.

Make Your Way to the Sanctuary

9AM Worship takes place in the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is located on the Upper Level. From the Main Entrance, head up the large stairway (or use the Elevator) and turn left. Continue forward past the Library and you'll see the entrance to the Sanctuary on your left.

Coffee, Tea and Donuts are available before and after worship for you to enjoy.

As You Enter

Worship Folders will be provided by our Ushers just outside of the Sanctuary doors. The Worship Folder includes all of the information of what the service will include and additional information regarding College First. If you have any questions, the Ushers will be happy to answer them for you.

Ample seating is available in the Sanctuary. You can sit in the main seating area, along the sides, or up in the balcony. Shorter pews are available in the back of the Sanctuary to make space for wheelchairs.

As Worship Begins

As Worship is set to begin, you'll find in the pew:
  • A Bible to follow along with the reading of Scripture.
  • A Hymnal to follow along with worship song. Hymn numbers are available in the Worship Folder. All lyrics are available on the screen at the front of the Sanctuary throughout the service.
  • A Connection Card, which can be used to communicate with the staff and leadership of College First.

You'll know worship is about to begin as a Welcome Video plays.

First Things

Worship starts with a welcome from one of our ministry leaders, a few announcements of upcoming ministry opportunities, highlights of any prayer concerns, and a brief Scripture reading to set our hearts towards God.

There will then be a Prelude offered, usually from the Organ, to make space to focus our attention on God. We all come into worship with the burdens of life and the Prelude provides the opportunity to let those go.

After the Prelude, you'll be led through worship songs and hymns, a call to worship, and prayer.

Music typically involves being supported by our Pipe Organ and Piano, led by Pastor David and our Worship Choir. From time to time, our Worship Orchestra will support the singing. The Worship Choir will usually offer an anthem as well.

Thanksgiving and Scripture

Worship will continue with a time for giving Tithes and Offerings. If you're a guest or new to College First, please don't feel obligated to give.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving is then offered for all that we offer to God.

Children are dismissed to Kids' Ministry at 9AM Worship.

Then the Scripture Passage for the day is read. If the passage comes from one of the four Gospels, out of honor and respect, we ask every to stand as it is read.

Sermon and Prayer

Following the reading of Scripture, the sermon is given. Effort is made to make the sermon relevant to your everyday life and to inspire you to follow Jesus in all that you do. Sermons typically last 20 - 25 minutes. Key Scripture Passages and ideas will be displayed on the screen. There is space in your Worship Folder to take notes.

Following the Sermon, a song is sung together in response to the Sermon and to prepare us for prayer. A prayer is then offered on behalf of the congregation. It is common for those who are especially moved by God to come to the kneeling Altar to pray.

Final Things

Following the Prayer, a final worship song is sung.

On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate Communion together. If you consider yourself to be a Christian you are encouraged to participate in Communion, even if this is your first time in worship.

A word of Sending is given and you are welcome to depart.

Again, Coffee, Tea, and Donuts are available just outside of the Sanctuary for you to enjoy.

Before You Go

A few more things before you head to your car....
Just outside of the Sanctuary is our Coffee, Tea, and Donuts. Enjoy some treats and good conversation.

As you head to the Main Entrance, you'll see the Resource Area just outside of the Office. Take a moment to look through the various opportunities available at College First.

As you head out the door, stop by the Welcome Desk, located next to the Main Entrance, to receive a small gift and allow us to get to know you better.